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    Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival originally created by the American people and a festival where all Americans live together. There are no fixed dates for Thanksgiving at first, and it is tentatively decided by the states of the United States. Until 1863 after the independence of the United States, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

    Learn to Express Thanks

    Expressing thanks is an important form of good manners. Nowdadays more and more people get used to expressing thanks to others for the good they do.

    Everyone likes to get praised and appreciated. We live in a society where we enjoy the different services of others. We should thank all those who have helped us.

    Naturally it's important to write a thank you letter to your parents working hard to offer you a happy life.

    Also, it's necessary to be thakful to your teachers for their help with your studies.

    Besides, remember to be thankful to your friends who share your happiness and sorrow.

    We are sure it will bring them much joy and add color to your own life.